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                         PRACTICE TIME and NOTES:                                               COACHES CORNER:
Practice times: 
and Wednesday
3:15 to
5:15 PM
Practice will be held in the mini gym
Hello! My name is Desiree Sers, and I am so excited to be coaching the new Razzle Dazzle team at Tony Hillerman Middle School! I love seeing the joy that dance and cheer can bring to people. I began dancing when I was very young and enjoyed being a member of my high school dance team, the San Marcos Diamond Line. During college, I was a Texas State Strutter and member of the IPFL Texas Terminators squad. I have been a judge for Showmakers Dance Company and coached varsity cheer as well. This is my second year coaching with the Razzle Dazzle program. I am also a science teacher at Volcano Vista High School. My husband’s name is Bruce and we have four kiddos. Our daughter, Nola, is a member of the Tierra Antigua Razzle Dazzle team! I am grateful for the incredible opportunity to work with this team at THMS! 

You can reach Desiree at or 505-514-8264

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