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                         PRACTICE TIME and NOTES:                                               COACHES CORNER:
Colinas Elementary
              Practice Times:                   
Monday's & Thursday's
2:00 PM  to 4:00 PM

Hello Colinas Hawks, my name is Desiree Mannie. I have been a part of the Colinas RD team going on 2 years now. Last year I was given a wonderful opportunity to be assistant coach and now I will be taking the position as Head Coach in my 2nd year. Not only do I see this as a team, but I view it as much more than that. I view it as a family and community watching the joy and excitement it brings to my students. It gives me great pride and pleasure watching their confidence grow throughout the year by not only becoming part of a team but being able to make great friends in the process.
If you are interested in joining a program filled with joy, excitement, motivation, and confidence, this is the program for you. I encourage any and all who are interested in joining the Colinas Hawks Razzle Dazzle Team to attend one of our free clinics and/or practices; our door is always open. Look forward to seeing you all there!

You can contact Coach Desiree 
at 505-234-0026

District Manager is Nicole Griego.
You can reach her
at 505-240-7984


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